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 Research objectives

To inform the development & marketing of a new qualification and course, the OU PG Diploma in Social Work

Key research objectives were to explore in depth:
  • Key issues and themes relevant to employers of social workers
  • Reactions to the proposed PG Diploma
  • Interest in the Diploma and likely take up


  • Depth interviews with employers of social workers
  • Conducted face to face or by telephone
  • Conducted by Purple Market Research
  • All interviews conducted in May & June 2016

 Conclusions & Insights

Three main themes emerged from the research.

  • Employers believe there is a market for the PG Diploma – specifically current (experienced) employees with a degree who wish to qualify as social workers
  • Some regions (particularly the South West) are very likely to take up
  • The price and the distance learning elements are selling points
  • However there is an issue around how many eligible employees there are
  • There are also other significant barriers to uptake – financial constraints, competitive HEIs, fast track schemes
  • It will also be necessary to have flexible funding options
  • Offering indvidual modules for CPD training is another key opportunity