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Almost five billion people own a mobile phone and, as of the end of 2018, 22 billion smart devices connect with the internet.

By 2030 around 50 billion smart devices are forecast to be accessing, analysing and sharing data online.

With technology growing so rapidly, there is an ongoing need for research to identify users’ needs, test technologies in development and in the market, and to monitor technology trends and forecasts.

Our research
Purple Market Research has conducted numerous UK an multi-country research projects in technology sectors.

These include:

  • Digital communications

  • Intelligent Parking Systems

  • PPE

  • Entertainment technologies

  • Energy efficiency technologies & renewables

Our work has included product or sector profiles (including a monitor of the entertainment technology sector for the Professional Lighting and Sound Association and analyses of the intelligent parking and PPE sectors), competitor analyses and technology usage and attitude studies.
Our clients


Youth Business International

Atkins Energy

Energy Saving trust

Related Clients & Case Studies

Secondary (desk) research, exploratory qualitative and quantitative surveys have all been employed to research technology markets.

Indeed, many projects involved integrated methodologies.

We have found desk research to be a particularly powerful tool in exploring technology sectors. There is often a lot of data already available, but the trick is finding, analysing and reporting that data to make the most of it.