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The financial services sector includes a wide range of firms, including retail banks, building societies, investment banks and hedge funds, plus professional financial services such as accountancy, consultancy and insurance.

Exports of UK financial services were worth £60 billion in 2018 and imports were worth £15 billion, so there was a surplus in financial services trade of £44 billion. 43% of financial services exports went to the EU and 34% of financial services imports came from the EU.

The sector contributed £29 billion in tax in the UK in 2017/18.

London generates around half of the sectors output.
In financial services, the UK bridges the gap between old and new: it is both a leading centre for the burgeoning global fintech industry and a stalwart of more traditional services such as asset management, insurance and wholesale lending.
Our clients
We have been chosen for the Financial Conduct Authority’s roster of research agencies following a rigorous selection process.
We have also run bespoke desk research training courses for clients such as Lloyds Bank and the Department for International Trade.

Our Experience
Conducting research in the financial services sector is a key specialist area for Purple Market Research.

Projects have covered consumer savings and investments, commercial finance, insurance, credit cards, store cards, legal services for the financial industry and advisor guidance.

Research methodologies employed include desk research, qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys, and our approach has often integrated more than one of those methods.

We have also run customised training days on desk research best practice for clients in the financial services sector (see below).