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Charities conduct a wide range of activities across sub-sectors. These include culture, education, health, housing, religion, social services and international development. Social services is by far the largest sub-sector.

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Purple Market Research has worked with a number of leading charities over the past 10 years.
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Despite some government support, the charity sector has been hit quite badly by the COVID-19 epidemic, with some estimates of a 20% reduction in funding and a significant increase in staff layoffs and redundancies.

That said, many charities, particularly the larger ones, are looking towards the future and launching new services, often with a heavy reliance on technological based solutions. We see this trend continuing for many years.
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Nuffield Health

City and Guilds

Client Testimonial
“Just to let you know that following the excellent research you recently completed, we have secured our first apprenticeships work and it was with a company that you interviewed. They were so impressed by the concept you shared, they immediately contacted us afterwards. We are just finalising things but all looks like we set to take on our first 33 apprentices. Thanks for everything you have done”.

Andrew New
Head of Education, St John Ambulance