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Our Experience
We have conducted a wide range of studies for providers which provide health and wellbeing services to the general public, the education sector and businesses. Working with clients such as St. John Ambulance we have conducted numerous studies on first aid inside and outside the workplace. Supporting providers such as Fitness First and Nuffield Health, we have segmented the health sector. And for a five year period we tracked employee satisfaction in using the medical and advisory services provided by BUPA.

All studies used a combination of traditional and emerging qualitative and quantitative methods.
Our clients
Fitness First

Nuffield Health


St Johns Ambulance

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Insights & viewpoints
Most large companies have in place well established employee wellbeing programmes. However, many medium sized and smaller companies, lacking specialist expertise, are struggling to provide the support which they need during these challenging times.

Quite often companies are simply unaware of the difficulties that employees face on a day to day basis and the struggles they may be experiencing outside of work which impact their performance. These organisations should consider employing a professional research company to determine the key issues facing employees and then track these issues to see if they are improving.
Client Testimonial
“Stephen and the team at Purple Market Research have always provided us with extremely thorough and perceptive market insight. We have used them for a few years now and they have been instrumental in crafting our way forward on a variety of issues including new product areas, digital developments and recently the development of our mental health and wellbeing offer. The team at Purple Market Research are never afraid to 'tell you like it is' and you do feel you are getting solid and reliable information. I couldn't recommend them more highly.”

Andrew New
Head of Education, St John Ambulance