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 Research objectives

St. John Ambulance had recently added mental health and wellbeing training to the services they provide and the initiative had proved extremely successful. They were looking for further growth in this area and so research was commissioned to better understand the market and determine how to take the offer forward.

The main objectives were as follows:

  • To determine the target audience for mental health wellbeing.
  • To better understand the corporate wellbeing journey.
  • To determine areas of opportunity


The research method selected was in-depth interviews, conducted by phone, among existing customers.

 Conclusions & Insights

Three main themes emerged from the research.

  • The HR function is confirmed to be a key influencer on decisions related to health and wellbeing
  • A key driver of mental health wellbeing training includes a strong corporate focus on health and safety.
  • There are opportunities among both smaller and larger companies.