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 Research objectives

The research explored the existence and application of consumer principles within regulators and service providers in the UK energy, water and postal sectors.

Although the main focus of the research was the regulated UK industries of energy, post and water, which are the sectors falling within Citizens Advice Scotland’s remit, insights relating to the application of consumer principles frameworks were also sought from other regulated industries, including the legal, financial and health sectors.


The research programme comprised three main phases: a set up and planning stage; data gathering; and the final analysis and reporting stage.

The data gathering phase in turn comprised three symbiotic methodologies:

  • A review of intelligence held within Citizens Advice Scotland;
  • A meta-analysis of information available in the public domain, conducted through desk research;
  • Qualitative interviews with a cross section of regulators, service providers and other consumer organisations in the energy, water and postal sectors

 Conclusions & Insights

The research was designed to inform policy and practice development by providing a better understanding of which frameworks and tools currently exist, the benefits of adopting such frameworks, and the relationship between them, corporate policy and consumer outcomes.