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Apprenticeships have in the past few years gained a lot of attention, largely brought about by the Apprenticeship Levy which was introduced in 2017. Both payers and non-payers of the Levy are permitted to access funds and the challenge has been one of raising awareness, particularly among smaller enterprises.

The government’s main focus has firstly been on getting people into work – hence the incentives for taking on apprentices. The second part has been keeping people in work which often means re-training and re-skilling people in later life to cope with the changing needs and requirements of the corporate world.

Our Experience
Purple Market Research specialise in workplace education and qualifications. Our focus has been on further education courses and qualifications, as well as qualifications for those at all stages of their work journey. Often this means talking to decision makers in organisations such as training and development managers, human resource directors and managers, as well as those responsible for commercial functions.

In addition, Purple Market Research has experience of researching current students, potential students and alumni both qualitatively and quantitatively. For work conducted with the Open University we are frequently interested in gauging the views and understanding the motivations of mature students.
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British Standards Institution

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Insights & viewpoints
In response to the challenges for the young trying to secure employment opportunities in a post pandemic work, the UK government has launched several initiatives to encourage both large and small employers to train workers for the skills needed both now and in the future.

These include the Kickstart scheme and the new T level qualifications. Feedback from research conducted indicates that employers, while they welcome such initiatives and financial incentives, are concerned about the internal resource required to manage and supervise new entrants. This situation is made more difficult due to reduction in staffing levels in order to better cope with the current economic uncertainty.
Client Testimonial
“Purple Market Research are a strategic insights consultancy who work extremely well to understand clients' business and key priorities. Their approach delivers detailed and focused results that add great value to clients' projects”.

Paloma Passos-Dodd
Strategic Insight, City and Guilds