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 Research objectives

The first report in a series, looking at consumers on a decade by decade basis.

The Formidable Forties considers those in the age group 40 – 49 years with specific emphasis on:

  • Purchasing behaviour and attitudes
  • Age related advertising and
  • Media and digital usage


The research was conducted online, collecting responses from 1,031 individuals drawn from a well-established access panel.

 Conclusions & Insights

The main themes emerging from the research were as follows:

Expenditure and loyalty
Consumers indicate that they expect to increase their spending on technology products over the next 10 years. This includes both traditional tech equipment such as mobiles, tablets and laptops, as well as products such as cars and household appliances.

Digital and social media usage
This group are heavy users of digital media for news, keeping in touch with friends and family and ‘looking for inspiration’.

Age related advertising and branding
This group feels strongly that ads aimed at older people rely on stereotypes and that ad creatives do not understand their age group particularly well.

Sectors considered to be doing better with age related advertising are personal finance and healthcare.