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 Research objectives

To determine:

  • The importance to learners, employers, regulators and trainers that first aid qualifications are regulated
  • Whether all first aid qualifications will eventually be regulated
  • The perceived benefits and drawbacks of regulated and unregulated first aid qualifications
  • The reasons why regulated first aid qualifications are preferred in certain instances
  • The implications for the St. John Ambulance first aid training offer


A total of 28 depth interviews were conducted with learners, employers, training centres and regulators

 Conclusions & Insights

First Aid Training Market.
  • A fragmented market characterised at one end by inertia and provider loyalty and, at the other, by low cost purchasing
  • Buyer knowledge about obligations and regulations varies considerably
  • Perceived risk and industry sector requirements have a significant impact on attitudes
  • Deep concerns about the impact of HSE and Dept. of Education regulatory changes on provider approval.

Regulated Training
  • Few aware of meaning or providers offering this
  • Provides an extra layer of reassurance
  • Increase in demand subject to success of awarding bodies filling void left by HSE
  • Little evidence of a significant shift to regulated training