Tom Bernthal

Experience: Founder of Kelton Global and more than 15 years in global insights, strategy and design.  Previously, Emmy Award winning producer for NBC News in New York.

Education: Journalism Degree from University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Specialisms/Interests: Bringing insights to life and translating them into solutions-based outcomes that inform and inspire brand strategy.

Favourite Movies: Usual Suspects, Life is Beautiful, Reservoir Dogs, the Big Lebowsky, Stand By Me, Rocky.

Favourite Music: Lenny Kravitz, Johnny Cash, The Devil Makes Three, Matthew Sweet, Willie Nelson.

Hobbies: Basketball, any live sporting event, travel, politics, food and dining experiences.

If I wasn’t a market researcher, I’d like to be: Ambassador to the United Nations.

Ambition in Life: To make the most of every moment and see the world with those closest to me.

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