Debby Turner

Experience: Over 20 years in market research, starting as a telephone interviewer, now head of B2B Recruitment.

Specialisms/Interests: B2B Recruitment, excel spreadsheets & bad jokes.

Favourite Movies:  It varies, but three of my longstanding favourites are Gattaca, Purple Rain, The Long Good Friday.

Favourite Music: Prince, Enter Shikari, Elton John, George Michael, Anderson Paak, Neil Diamond, Bowie, Everlast, Santana, Queen, Outkast.

Hobbies: Going to gigs, watching movies, knitting, eating nice food, that someone else has cooked, Avon. …. (yes I know I’m boring)

If I wasn’t a market researcher, I’d like to be: A car mechanic

Ambition in Life: I’m not ambitious, but, before I pop my clogs I’d like to have persuaded more people to donate blood and register as organ donors.

Family: Husband, 3 grown up children and 4 grandsons