Customer Understanding

Getting to the heart of how customers make choices


Are you seeking insights into:

  • How people make decisions on products and services?
  • Why customers lapse?
  • The customer journey?
  • Customer satisfaction levels?
  • Channel usage?
  • Segmented behaviour?

Understanding customer behaviour is crucial to commercial growth. However, it is a skilled and often time-consuming process.

Purple offers:

  • Seamless, integrated research methods
  • Meaningful insights into the customer experience
  • Detailed, value adding data

Whatever level of insight you’re seeking, our approach is bespoked to your needs.

Plus we can also deliver coaching and mentoring to embed research skills into your own team.

Our methods:

  • A blend of online and traditional sources
  • Cost-efficient desk research
  • Primary focus group research
  • Customer satisfaction analysis

We’ll deliver a full report and recommendations, aligning your commercial plan to the latest consumer behaviour.

Why Purple?

Purple has considerable experience in B2B market research and difficult to reach audiences, as well as experience in B2C markets.

  • A 20 year track record amongst national and international clients.
  • Advanced techniques with proven results
  • Professional, bespoke service

Our clients know they can depend on us for skill, passion, transparency and meaningful results. Just get in touch for a free consultation.

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