Understanding segmented customer behaviour for Fitness First


Client: Fitness First



  • To segment consumers in terms of their attitudes and behaviour towards exercise and gyms
  • To inform marketing strategies for different segments
  • To develop a product, service and marketing proposition for each key segment


  • Online survey in a range of countries: UK, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Australia
  • Statistical cluster analysis to segment market


  • Three common segments identified across all global markets:
  • Fitness enthusiasts for whom training is a key life choice, alone or in a team
  • Team players, who are motivated in part by the social aspects of training
  • Reluctant participants, who find it difficult to commit to a fitness programme and are typically lapsed gym members


  • The Asian fitness market behaves differently to the European and Antipodean markets and formal gym membership is less common in the former
  • Clear market segmentation presents a number of opportunities for brand positioning, which can be broadly aligned to the three groups identified above

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