The consumer journey towards the adoption of renewable energy


Energy Saving Trust (EST)
Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)



To inform Government policy on renewable energy by determining:

  • How far the population is along the consumer journey towards adopting renewable technologies
  • The barriers to adoption
  • Drivers that nudge consumers towards adoption


  • Qualitative consumer research – focus groups & depth interviews
  • Followed by a quantitative online survey of 2,000 consumers
  • Research conducted with consumers at different stages of  the consumer journey
  • Research was representative of the UK-wide population


  • Only a miniorty of consumers actively engaged with technologies..
  • The main barriers to adoption are a lack of awareness & knowledge of the technologies and prohibitive up-front costs.


  • Considerable work is required to raise awareness, knowledge & interest in technologies – consumer communications are key.
  • There is a need for independent & impartial consumer advice.
  • Assistance is required with the up-front cost of technologies to kick-start markets – the Government’s Green Deal has a key role to play.

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