Sector profiles for the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Buildings


Client: The Energy Efficiency Partnership for Buildings




  • To profile key energy efficiency sectors such as insulation, glazing, heating, renewables, lighting
  • To highlight energy efficiency initiatives, trends, challenges and opportunities for the energy efficiency industry


The projects included the following:

  • Writing sector profiles (size of sector, trends and forecasts, key players, sector drivers, etc.) for energy efficiency measures (renewables, insulation, glazing, heating, lighting, etc) – these were based on a combination of secondary (desk) research and consultation with industry bodies and experts and the reports have been published on the EEPB website.
  • Analysis of responses to Government Department Calls for Evidence relating to energy efficiency measures.
  • Desk research to inform Government initiatives such as the Green Deal, Renewable Heat Incentive and others
  • Analysis of quality assurance and complaints processes of key trade organisations.
  • All the projects involved secondary (desk) research, often supplemented by expert interviews (government bodies, trade associations, manufacturers, etc) and workshops with those bodies and with EEPB working groups.


  • Progress has been made regarding improvement of energy efficiency in UK homes
  • However much still needs to be done to make the UK’s ageing housing stock more energy efficient


  • Will require a combination of regulation, incentives, improved product performance and more effective consumer communications
  • Assistance is required with the up-front cost of technologies to kick-start markets – the Government’s Green Deal has a key role to play.

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