Market Testing of Kids Area Play Facilities


Client: McDonald’s UK




  • To test customer reactions to recently installed interactive digital play areas for children
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of communications propositions highlighting the new facilities


  • Qualitative and quantitative research across 6 different store types
  • Store comparison against other similar initiatives


  • At the beginning of the research customers were not aware of the digital play areas.  Once aware, customers valued the new play areas as a useful, family friendly facility.
  • Children would benefit from enhanced enjoyment if they fully understood the whole range of games and how they work.


  • The play areas have been rolled out to a further 300 stores
  • Staff to be been given additional incentives and training to ensure that they make customers aware of the play areas and how to use them
  • Implementation of a revised communication plan to make customers more aware of the digital play areas.

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