Informing the development of a City & Guilds international education centre


Client: City & Guilds




  • To better understand how vocational education is perceived and organised in a range of countries
  • In this way, to inform the development of an international vocational education centre


  • Comprehensive desk research
  • Expert interviews to support desk research
  • Research conducted across 9 countries


  • Vocational education is generally seen as the “poor relation” of other higher education avenues
  • Several countries operate progressive policies to support vocational education, creating beneficial market conditions
  • An international “hub” is needed, to develop best practice guidelines and facilitate developments in the sector


  • Immediate: The desk research informed and instigated a quantitative survey of education professionals
  • The need for an International Centre was verified, with Purple’s recommendations informing the development of the initiative
  • The research results facilitated the development of best practice guidelines for the development and promotion of vocational education and training

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