Identification of ways to enhance the use of technology in the legal sector


Client: Merrill Corporation



  • To explore current attitudes towards and usage of technology among legal professionals (solicitors, barristers, judges)
  • To gauge future trends relating to the use of technology
  • To identify opportunities to provide technology-led solutions in the legal sector


  • Internal workshops throughout research process
  • Face-to-face and telephone depth interviews with solicitors, barristers and judges


  • Use of technology through the legal process (from data collection, through disclosure, preparation for trial, in trial and post-trial) is growing
  • However there remain significant barriers relating to (perceived) cost and engrained behaviour and attitudes
  • There are opportunities to provide technology-led solutions as long as they are user-friendly, cost-effective and replicate existing processes

The Results:

  • The research has informed the design and development of technology-led solutions for the legal sector

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