Customer satisfaction tracking in the occupational health business


Client: Bupa




  • To meet requirements of ISO and CQC accreditation
  • To demonstrate that Bupa is meeting client needs
  • To provide diagnostic insight to inform service development and improvement
  • To provide material to support marketing activity to existing and potential clients


  • Data collection in Bupa centres through tablet and hard copy questionnaires
  • Centre staff encourage customers to complete questionnaire after each visit
  • A total of 121 reports per annum produced, providing on a quarterly and monthly basis an all-centre overview, individual centre reports, client reports and clinician satisfaction reports.


  • The findings demonstrate an exceptionally high level of satisfaction among client employees with regard the service received from Bupa
  • Some centres have an outstanding record of delivering top quality service, while others are in need of improving certain elements of service delivery.


  • The better performing centres inform the centres performing less well to raise overall standards
  • Satisfaction results to give new centre managers’ the ability to see at an instant where their centre performs well and less well.
  • With such high scores generally from service delivery this is an excellent message to send to potential new clients.

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