Fireworks at the Houses of Parliament

On the very evening that the ‘unelected, unconstitutional’ House of Lords had the temerity to protect the UK’s vulnerable from the evil Guy of Osborne (I know, it’s Gideon, but let’s not get too fussy), the great and the good of the market research society gathered at the House of Commons to engage in a formal debate sponsored by the Market Research Society and organised by the Debating Group.

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Is the digital courtroom a reality or a myth

Stephen Bairfelt / Trevor Wilkinson
Purple Market Research

In June 2013, the then Justice Minister, Damien Green outlined a plan to make all courtrooms in England and Wales fully digital by 2016.

The government pledged £160 million towards a series of initiatives ranging from increased use of technology, improved case preparation, better support for victims and televising the Court of Appeal.

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